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Be Unique Week Helps Kids And Your Community

We surveyed 75 participants in our program in Arroyo Grande, California.


Here’s the feedback they gave us

Parent Feedback

  • My child benefited from this experience. 96% 96%
  • My child discussed the lessons and activities with me at home. 96% 96%
  • Be Unique Week should be continued at our school 94% 94%
  • Be Unique Week should take place at other schools. 96% 96%

Teacher Feedback

  • Be Unique Week was a positive and meaningful use of instructional time. 88% 88%
  • I benefited from this experience as a teacher 100% 100%
  • My students benefited from this experience. 100% 100%
  • Be Unique Week had a positive impact on our school climate. 96% 96%